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Sheet Style Midi Lời Nhạc Học Nhạc Mạch Điện Trao Đổi
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Tổng cộng có 4 kết quả được tìm thấy.
1. 25 Minutes
(Lời Nhạc)
After sometimes I've finally made up my mind. She is the girl and I really want to make her mine. I'm searchin' everywhere to find her again to tell her I love her And I'm sorry about the things ...
2. Im Gonna Be Around
(Lời Nhạc)
It's been so long since we took the time To share words from deep inside us We're in our own world spinning our wheels But you know how I feel Well since the first time I took your hand My ...
3. Sleeping Child
(Lời Nhạc)
This milky way upon the heavens Is twinkling just for you And Mister Moon he came by To say goodnight to you I'll sing for you I'll sing for mother We're praying for the world And for the ...
Baby, won't you tell me why There is sadness in your eyes I don't wanna say good-bye to you Love is one big illusion I should try to forget But there is something left in my head. You're ...