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Lời bài hát CASABLANCA

(Tác giả/Ca sĩ/Ban nhạc: PERTIE HIGGINS)

I feel in love with you, watching Casblanca
Back row in the drive-in show, in the flickering light
popcorn and cokes beneath the stars
became chapagne and caviar
making love on the long hot summer's night

I thought you fell in love with me watching Casablace
holding hands with the Apaddle fand
in Rich's candle-lit cafe
hiding in the shadow from the spots
a rocking moon light in your eyes
making magic at the movies in my own Chevrolet.

Ref Oh a kiss is still a kiss, in Casabalance
But a kiss is not a kiss without your sight
Please come back to me in casablanca
I love you more and more each day, as time goes by

I guess there're many broken hearts in Casablanca
You know I've never really been there so I don't know
I guess our love story will never be seen ,
on the big Wide silver screen,
but it hurt just as bad when I had to Watch you go

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