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Lời bài hát 365 DAYS

(Tác giả/Ca sĩ/Ban nhạc: Lutricia McNeal)

I remember what you used to say, things won't tumble down
Now we're here and finally it changed when I'm standing on the ground
I don't understand when did we go wrong
And I can't imagine

Where will I be 365 days from now, tell me
How will I feel 365 nights without you, (oh what would I do?)

And now it feels like we're drifting apart, things are not what they used to be
And now I know it's written in your heart, you don't wanna be a part of me
I don't understand what did I do wrong?
And I can't imagine


I've been trying so hard not to let it show
But deep within my feelings they glow
Before you leave me and let me go, something I need to know

(Refrain) x2

Where will I be 365 nights without you, oh what would I do?

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